TM - Unified VAS

Lynx unifies integrations into CSP’s core network and IT applications for real-time traffic, charging & billing, customer care, reporting, and operations management by combining various VAS enabler applications into a single, fully optimized stack, By allowing access to their network resources via a SCE and a set of safe, standards-based procedures and functions, it enables CSPs to engage in service innovation. Through the exposure of lightweight APIs for various capabilities, the NFV enabled platform is designed to operate at scale and aids CSPs in significantly reducing CAPEX and OPEX, optimizing operations and maintenance tasks, and accelerating the time to market for new services. It unifies every CSP messaging enabler application while maintaining each application’s essential functional and non-functional requirements and logical instance.

The VAS Consolidation Platform’s Integrated Messaging suite unifies all CSP messaging enabler applications in accordance with its guiding principles, without compromising on the essential functional and non-functional requirements of each application and with each having its own logical instance. Through the platform’s simple-to-use Service Creation interfaces, the Platform also enables the CSPs to introduce exciting VAS services.

The main tenet of the Call Completion suite of VAS Consolidation Platform is to recover lost revenue from calls that are not completed on the network because the called party is not available for the call or the caller has insufficient funds for the call

offering a Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) solution with a wealth of features that enables subscribers to answer calls with their preferred song, sound, or phrase rather than the standard ringing tone. Through customized offers, CRBT has proven itself time and time again to be a reliable source of opportunities to increase revenue.

Through the creation of dedicated flows and capacity allocation for each service, the VR portal assists CSPs in hosting multiple self care services for customers on a single infrastructure. Apart from being able to transfer calls to their existing call center solutions so that customers can choose to contact customer care representatives, our customers have been able to host the voice content and informational services on the IVR, as well as host their customer self care portal catering to popular services like balance inquiry, recharge, billing queries, etc.

Through hosted or third-party offerings, CSPs can provide customers with traditional and rich media content and services thanks to the digital service delivery platform. With market-leading offer creation and subscription engines and industry-standard content ingestion, management, and delivery mechanisms for all major rich media content types, including short videos, games, and e-books, it is possible to engage different macro & micro customer segments with tailored offers.