TM - Internet of Things

You can deploy an independent stack using Infinity to seamlessly implement a cutting-edge framework for multinational corporations in the IoT space. With the added value of M2M connections and device management, IoT solutions for telecom and businesses like these maximize your telecom and roaming infrastructure, utilities, automotive, smart city, and more. For enterprises to keep costs and uptime of connected things under control, the comprehensive Connectivity Management Platform offers advanced automation that enables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring of assets and their behavior.

Enterprises are searching for a dependable single partner who can oversee the entire IoT solution as a result of the rising demand for IoT deployments. One of the major trends defining the Internet of Things market is off-the-shelf IoT solutions.


By partnering with device vendors and their application ecosystem, TechnoMind also provides end-to-end IoT offerings, broadening the target market.


Use any Public or Private Cloud to deploy our Connectivity Management Platform to reduce costs and make it accessible worldwide. International roaming is made affordable through the integration of standards-based eSIM technology. We add the ability to support multiple SIM sponsors and multiple regions on the same platform, along with all the required integrations with the eSIM ecosystem for seamless on-the-fly activation of roaming profiles. New Enterprise Billing Offers, Connection Rating Plans, Advanced Wholesale billing models, and Device Management Capabilities are all being made available to you.  Your enterprise can innovate and grow thanks to TechnoMind’s Telecom IoT Platform. Our platform and human capital management know-how add an extra layer of flexibility and adaptability to enable the onboarding of any or all enterprise types that might need a connected device requirement.