TM - Digital Financial Services

With its extensive product portfolio, the Aureus Fintech Suite offers telecom operators, financial institutions, banks, merchants, and enterprises new revenue opportunities while also enabling their customers to manage payments digitally whenever and wherever they choose. Digital Self-Onboarding, Agency Banking, Transfers, Merchant Payments, Personal Financial Management, Shared Wallet, Utility Payments, Micro Loans, Micro Savings, International Remittance, and many other use cases are all centered on the Digital Wallet. Customers are empowered to access their accounts from any channel and take advantage of money and banking services around-the-clock thanks to a platform created with Omni-Channel principles.

A store called Aureus Digital Wallet offers customers a safe and simple way to make payments. Customers can easily top up their wallets and use them to pay for a variety of goods and services. They can also transfer money to wallet and non-wallet customers, recharge their prepaid mobile phones, pay for electricity and other utilities, split bills, use shared/family wallets, manage their finances, and apply for microloans, among other things. Our digital wallet is workflow-driven, enabling awareness of straightforward and efficient payment procedures with few interruptions throughout the customer journey. Each layer of the solution includes high-end security, and the platform complies with various security standards set by various regulatory bodies. The platform complies with PCI-DSS and PA-DSS

In order to promote the financial inclusion of both banked and unbanked customers, Agency Banking enables Banks & Enterprises to quickly onboard Agents on the platform and quickly extend their banking & wallet services across the territory. The platform enables the development of multi-tiered/N-Level Agent hierarchies and the application of associated commissioning business rules. Agents can use Agency Banking to complete assisted tasks like Customer Onboarding, KYC management, cash deposits into customer bank or wallet accounts, and customer withdrawals from those accounts.

By providing electronic recharge distribution and account top-up solutions with improved fraud & security management, the Aureus Electronic Recharge Platform supports CSP’s prepaid business needs. It allows users to perform pin-less recharge through both traditional and digital channels, including mobile apps and the web as well as USSD and IVR.

Users of the Voucher Management Platform can reload their airtime with both physical and electronic vouchers and scratch cards. It handles the creation, and specification of voucher products, management of the lifecycle of vouchers, distribution of vouchers, and redemption of vouchers. It also ensures the security of vouchers by using encryption algorithms like 3DES and AES-256.

The goal of merchant management is to integrate merchants onto the platform so they can accept safe digital payments from customers using their bank accounts or digital wallets. The platform enables seamless self-service onboarding of merchants using mobile apps, resulting in a shorter time to market. By providing customers with the choice of QR code- or NFC-based payments, merchants are given the power to choose the method of payment acceptance on their websites and in-person locations. The platform complies with the Open API framework, facilitating quicker integration with the Merchant and numerous third-party websites. Consolidation is made easier by the fact that all transactions are carried out in real-time and have a thorough audit trail.

With the help of a digital payment enablement gateway, businesses can turn into payment facilitators, enabling their clients’ customers to conduct a variety of online transactions using different payment methods like bank accounts, debit/credit cards, wallet accounts, etc. By seamlessly integrating with Mobile Wallets, Banks, Merchants, NGOs, Governments, and Enterprises using RESTful APIs, it enables faster time to market.

A comprehensive solution for managing the entire Partners Loyalty Program, including partner contracting, selling loyalty points to partners, billing partners, and processing member activities, is offered by loyalty management systems. Through easily configurable business rules to define partner product offerings and accrual/redemption conditions, it is possible to reduce partner onboarding times with the LMS Partner Management.

Businesses can quickly change the design of their system to accommodate user behavior by using gamification systems, which help them understand their customers. Players can continuously reach win states with the right mechanics, feedback loops, and embedded incentives, and the operator gains patronage. With the help of virtual components like badges, challenges, and spend-and-win games, our creative gamification tool can engage and reward users.