TM - CMV & Data Analytics

With CVM, a seamless AI-powered customer value management, you can provide personalized customer experiences in real-time and plan data-driven decisions. Powerful AI and Machine Learning algorithms supported by Big Data analytics are used by CVM to predict customer future behavior, churn propensity, recommend the best course of action, and offer and personalize user engagement over the channels that customers prefer.

Through gamification, loyalty programs, and other data-driven AI techniques, the platform analyzes the entire customer journey and boosts engagement. It handles the full data lifecycle management, enabling quick data extraction, ingest, organization, enrichment, processing, analysis, governance, externalization, and security while producing insights from data gathered from various sources.

This platform for omni-channel campaign management tracks changing opportunities, detects covert dangers, reveals the shifting market and customer expectations, and acts promptly.

supports the development, visualization, and application of different analytical models built using statistical, machine learning, and deep learning methods. Realize predictive and prescriptive analytics based on use-cases from data science. This Big Data Analytics solution offers a visual self-service enabled framework that enables the creation of analytical models in a quick, easy, and interactive way using a drag-and-drop method and prebuilt connectors to cater to various data source types. It is loaded with an intuitive Low-Code based Data Scientist Workbench.


It uses Open Source Big Data technologies and is scaleable because it is based on the Lambda architecture. Real-time analytics powered by the CEP (Complex Event Processing) engine enable quick data-driven decisions. gives existing Big Data instances cost-effective maintenance, support, and optimization.


Making strategic decisions is made possible for the telecom industry’s various aspects thanks to the Business Decision Engine. Through the seamless assembly of rules that result in particular business actions, it enables users from various functions and geographical locations to interact with insights created and realize use-cases. Through the platform’s integrated workflow capability, these decisions can be made instantly.

 A powerful data management platform captures, unifies, and activates data to strengthen customer relationships across touchpoints (DMP). integrates first-party data provided by CSPs with information from more than 2 billion known user profiles and 250 billion or more impressions obtained through integration with 2.8 million or more apps and websites. This Reward Management solution for telecom enables the identification of macro and micro customer segments based on their preferences thanks to the presence of more than 200 data stories.


Information on user behavior inside the app and website is provided by the Big Data Analytics Solution. goes beyond the regular login or website visit to show how users interact with various features that aid in user retention, conversion, and revenue generation. uses a variety of metrics, such as cohorts, funnels, event analytics, session analysis, and trends, to understand user behavior. has built-in data management, analytics, and visualization capabilities that enable business users to measure these metrics, create marketing plans that take the results into account, and make wise decisions.


The Loyalty Management System at CVM is a complete solution for managing an entire partners loyalty program, from partner contracting, selling loyalty points to partners, billing partners, and processing member activities. Your company can reduce partner on-boarding times with this reward management solution for telecom by using easily configurable business rules to specify partner product offerings and accrual/redemption conditions.


Businesses can quickly adapt the design of their system to suit the user behavior of their customers thanks to gamification, which helps them understand their customers. Players can continuously reach win states with the right mechanics, feedback loops, and embedded incentives, and the operator gains patronage. With the help of virtual components like badges, challenges, and spend and win games, our creative gamification tool can engage and reward users.