TM- Digital BSS

To compete with and work in tandem with the non-telecommunications world, the communications sector is constantly evolving. Every aspect of business, from back-end operations to customer engagement, is seen through the lens of automation and AI.

For many different kinds of telecom providers, digital transformation is a problem. Others are entering the world of smart cities and IOT companies, shifting the transformation focus from functionality to customer journey. Some are transitioning from being pure communications service providers to digital services providers offering bundled OTT subscriptions for B2C and B2B.

TechnoMind, a full-featured Digital BSS platform, is the answer for turnkey digital transformation because it combines the entire digital journey, AI-based contextual interactions, advanced billing, eShop experience, and gamification in one box.

Cellular, fixed-line, and broadband lines of business are served by a telecom all-in-one billing suite with a convergent rating and billing engine for retail, wholesale, and enterprise services.