TM - Sales & Distribution

One of the major transformational projects CSPs around the world are working on is automation in sales and channel operations. A sales and distribution platform called Ventas combines vital operations like distributor management, inventory management, point-of-sale, commission management, advanced data visualization and business intelligence, sales force management, and knowledge management. The cloud-native architecture of the telecom sales and distribution platform and its collection of microservices offer feature-level scalability, flexibility in feature development, and simple integration with the telecom operator’s current application landscape.

Sales and Distribution Platform with workflow-based automation with a pre-built user journey for faster time to market. Inventory management for telecom inventory to track and automate stock movements throughout the distribution chain. Telecom distributor management platform that enables the realization of the entire sim card production process, including raw sim creation and quality control, packaging, deployment, and delivery management. AI-driven data insights and decisions that result in optimal inventory forecasts, alerts based on inventory thresholds, optimal routing plans for field workers, and improve efficiency.

A full field force management solution is provided by flexible hierarchy, territory, and policy definition to seamlessly integrate various direct and indirect sales channels. Comprehensive, creative incentive programs are made possible by workflow-driven, real-time commission and incentive calculation. Using best-in-class technology building blocks and a microservices architecture ensures faster feature development.

AI-driven subscriber enrollment for a digital onboarding process using biometrics and OCR . sophisticated knowledge management system for evaluating sales representatives and lifelong learning

To support complex use cases for producing, managing, and distributing inventory optimally, advanced inventory management for telecom is needed.